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It’s a platform that actually drives personal and collective growth, helping develop the emotional skills that will make life easier to navigate.

What is Mygrow? Founded in 2016, Mygrow is a pioneering app that helps teams develop, measure and track their team members emotional intelligence, anywhere, any time – and at a cost that makes perfect money sense.

This in turn substantially improves their ability to flourish as people, manage stress, nurture healthy relationships and increase productivity by up to 20%. The Mygrow app amongst other, enables you to achieve the following:

i. Develop EQ with impact: Watch original videos, complete quizzes to test understanding, and practise techniques to build EQ competence over time, for just six minutes or so per day

ii. Measure: Pre- and post EQ assessments to track growth, integrated 360° assessments and aggregated team EQ profiles

iii. Track: Centralised data via real-time dashboards to track the quality of engagement and team progress and growth.

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Master your
emotional life through developing Emotional Intelligence.

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Build Emotionally Intelligent Teams that are more collaborative, innovative and empowered

Illuminating Women


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You won’t get muscles from reading fitness magazines, you actually have to get into the gym and train them. Similarly, you can only gain emotional intelligence, by practising it on an ongoing basis.. – Mark Baker


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