What are pathfinders©?

Pathfinders© are start-ups and SMEs who run their ventures according to the Six Business Principles of a Game Influencer© as adapted for its Pathfinders© category of listing.

They find paths of business success in uncharted territories, do things that other’s will not do or think of doing, turn a deaf ear to doom prophets and nay-sayers to realise their dreams and help fulfil that of others.’

Without the kind of capital and infrastructure to the avail of medium to corporate businesses, these enterprisers have an intimate understanding of the true meaning of Tony Robbins’ words: “It’s not the lack of resources, but the lack of resourcefulness that causes failure.”

For this reason, they leverage the power of technology, strong ecosystems and symbiotic networks to expand their own capacity and value propositions exponentially, achieving optimal business output, with minimal input of resources.

Simply put, Pathfinders© are Game Influencers© who take business ideas from conceptualisation to successful execution, by being exceptionally resourceful and leveraging synergetic collaborations.

*This category is also open to members of the youth, which as defined by the United Nations (UN), is between 15 and 24 years of age.

The Six Business Principles of a Game Influencer as adapted for Pathfinders©

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Headed up by entrepreneurs who take pride in unquestionable ethics and integrity, who constantly develop their EQ to strengthen relationships and retain inner and outer resilience to effortlessly navigate through ever-changing business circumstances – and proactively consider their impact on stakeholders.

Connected to a higher purpose which is not only the very inspiration behind their business ideas, but that also flows over into products and services that are truly wanted and needed, to make a difference in the greater scheme of things, and create uplifting experiences and positive outcomes at every single touchpoint.
Premised on a business plan that considers and defines its impact on this world, and proactively drives positive outcomes for all involved, whilst achieving sound, sustained financial growth, which in turn grows both our economy and socio-economy.
Deploying cutting-edge, light and scalable technology or paying licences to use cost-effective software to digitise their products and services (where possible), run their businesses optimally with minimal capital input, replace expensive specialist resources with more affordable digital solutions, expand their own capacity and extend their market reach, whilst constantly familiarising themselves with the newest technology developments that impact their businesses.
Creating a lean-and-mean ‘workforce’ by building a powered ecosystem with synergetic partners and establishing symbiotic collaborations with freelancers, and other entrepreneurs in a manner that serves all involved, whilst collectively driving the overall business goals.
Complete openness in all its dealings form the golden thread that underpins the entire enterprise, supported by compliance with the necessary laws and regulations that pertain to SMEs, doing business in a manner that is fair and just to all involved, and where relevant, actively participating in professional bodies and industry associations.


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