illuminating women

What is an Illuminating woman?

An Illuminating Woman© is any female business owner or leader who runs her business or division according to the Six Business Principles of a Game Influencer© as adapted for its Illuminating Women© category of listing.

An Illuminating Woman© acknowledges that ‘we need to be the change we wish to see in this world.’ She therefore also purposefully contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5, which aims to ‘achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.’

To this end, she proactively and actively strives to counteract the main obstacles that prevent women from taking their rightful place on the business stage,by encouraging an uptake of technology among women, uplifting our female youth, supporting other female entrepreneurs and leveraging her success to influence policies that affect women in business.

Simply put, an Illuminating Woman© is a Game Influencer© who realises that empowered women empower women, and she rises to the top by lifting other women up all along her way.

*Female business leaders who operate the divisions, business units or subsidiaries that they are responsible for in a Game Influencer and Illuminating Women kind of way, may also apply to get their division, unit or subsidiary listed.

The Six Business Principles of a Game Influencer as adapted for Illuminating Women©

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Guided by female leaders with unquestionable integrity, EQ and AQ, who proactively build inner and outer resilience to continually recalibrate and reframe their strategies to seamlessly lead their business and people through ever-changing circumstances and crises.
Connected to a higher purpose which is embedded in their very operational DNA to provide services and products that are truly wanted and needed, to make a difference in the greater scheme of things, and create uplifting experiences and positive outcomes at every single touchpoint.
Built on dedicated stakeholder-biased business models (as opposed to the convention shareholder-biased models), that proactively drive measurable positive outcomes for all involved, and specifically design programmes or support causes that contribute to upliftment of our female youth, whilst achieving sound, sustained financial growth, which in turn grows both our economy and socio-economy.
Expanded capacity for consistent, accelerated performance in the new post-digital era, achieved through continuously deploying cutting-edge ‘light and scalable’ technology, constantly upskilling its existing workforce and building a pipeline of future talent to optimally utilise it, giving priority to initiatives that can help increase the number of women and girls studied and involved in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Resilient workforces comprising caring, open and symbiotic relationships with both insourced personnel and outsourced collaborators (traditionally referred to as suppliers), as well as partners who form part of its ecosystem, in an enabling environment that stimulates personal wellbeing and professional growth, in alignment with the higher purpose and goals of the business goals, with a special focus on developing female workers for leadership roles and assisting them to achieve work-life balance, whilst fulfilling their multiple roles as career women, wives, mothers, sisters and pillars of their societies.
Authority, transparency and credibility form the golden threads that run through the entire business, underpinned by unquestionable legal and regulatory compliance, as well as corporate governance, fairness and justice to all, and where relevant, active participation in professional bodies and industry associations, influencing policies that affect women in business and at the workplace, including gender policies, as well as supply chain management and enterprise management policies to drive support of female entrepreneurs.


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