If You Leverage Your Influence In a Way That Wins Hearts; You Win At The Game Of Business

The Game Influencers is a new, independent index that lists, showcases and promotes businesses who permeate goodness throughout our world, not by chance, but by design.

This translates into good, responsible and ethical business all round, elevating experiences for every person who forms part of their circle of influence, kindness to animals and nature, and positive contributions to both our economy and our socio-economy.

Thus, what sets The Game Influencers apart from other business 

indices, is that we do not list businesses on the basis of their financial performance only, but by how well they do, because they do good.

This is based on an overwhelming body of evidence that is emerging worldwide, which proves that businesses who win over the biggest share of their target audiences’ hearts, are rewarded by earning the biggest share of their wallets. Simply put, if you do good, you do good. Now isn’t that a win-win? Join the movement of do-gooders, by viewing our categories and applying to get listed today.



In reality, every business has an affect for all of eternity, and it is impossible to measure how many we influence or where that influence really ends. Let’s raise our hands to make that influence count. – The Game Influencers

Key Benefits of Listing:

Essentially, we are committed to ensure that being listed in one of the categories of Game Influencers, will open doors and hearts for you.

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From the moment you apply to get listed, until such time that shortlisting and finally listing occurs, there will be numerous opportunities to feature on our own and our contributors and collaborators’ online and social media platforms, via press releases in online and print media, in our bi-monthly ‘Get Inspired’ virtual magazine, as well as our monthly ‘Bytes of Wisdom’ e-newsletter which is distributed to an extended database of businesses. If, you’re doing good, we want to rally support for you, in every way we can.

Annual Showcase

On an annual basis, the people and business who feature on the leader board of each of The Game Influencers categories, will be invited to present their case studies to the who’s who in business and the media, at our prestigious Annual Showcase (virtual or in-person, subject to international travel regulations at the time). Not only will your work be staged, but you will also be filmed and stand in line to win prizes that can be invaluable for both your personal and professional growth.

Use of logo

All those who are shortlisted and feature on the leader board of each category, will have the choice to use The Game Influencers logo on their communication, which will contain the year of listing. The intent is to help you win the biggest share of your target audiences’ hearts, which is proven to earn you the biggest share of their wallets. Essentially, if you do business in a way that wins hearts, you win at the game of business.

Coffee-table book

Every year, the stories of all those who feature on the leader board of each category, will be shared in our professionally illustrated photo-diary-style, hard cover coffee-table book. You will be able to place orders for books which you can keep in your reception area and boardroom, or distribute amongst your stakeholders.

Business updates and e-courses

Those who are listed in any of our categories, will be the first to receive communication on opportunities to present live virtual business updates or e-courses that will be hosted by us, to support your content sharing and thought leadership strategy, and that could be made available to other businesses via our Hall of Knowledge.


"Bytes of Wisdom"