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March 10, 2022
6:00 pm

Mark Baker

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Cited by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of the top skills required in the new world of work, EQ has proven impact on teams’ creativity and productivity. In this complimentary webinar, Mark Baker, CEO of Mygrow, a pioneering EQ app discusses the relationship between EQ and productivity. He also demonstrates how practising EQ techniques for just a few minutes a day, can substantially improve teams’ ability to flourish as people, manage stress, nurture healthy relationships and increase productivity by up to 20%. Attendants also get to test the app for free, for seven days. Key takeaways

  • Stats and studies on how the lack of EQ can impact people’s creativity and productivity
  • How does the improvement of EQ (including stress tolerance and resilience) impacts productivity
  • How to proactively and sustainably develop EQ in team members, inside out
  • A short demo of how the Mygrow EQ app can enable the ongoing development of EQ
  • Obtain a link to register for a free 7-day trial of the app, or book an obligation-free demo for you and your teams

What is Mygrow? Founded in 2016, Mygrow is a pioneering app that helps teams develop, measure and track their team members emotional intelligence, anywhere, any time – and at a cost that makes perfect money sense. This in turn substantially improves their ability to flourish as people, manage stress, nurture healthy relationships and increase productivity by up to 20%. How does it work? Mark Baker, CEO of Mygrow describes it best: “You won’t get muscles from reading fitness magazines, you actually have to get into the gym and train them. Similarly, you can only gain emotional intelligence, by practising it on an ongoing basis.” The Mygrow app enables you to do just that, with proven business results. Watch this ±3-minute video for testimonials of organisational benefits yielded. i. Develop EQ with impact: Watch original videos, complete quizzes to test understanding, and practise techniques to build EQ competence over time, for just six minutes or so per day ii. Measure: Pre- and post EQ assessments to track growth, integrated 360° assessments and aggregated team EQ profiles iii. Track: Centralised data via real-time dashboards to track the quality of engagement and team progress and growth. More about Mark Baker Mark Profile Mark is an Organisational Psychologist specialising in the development of emotional intelligence (EQ) and organisational culture. His early work involved face-to-face interventions for individuals and teams in the mining, logistics, finance, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Then, seeing the impact that technology could have on behavioural change, he started Mygrow – the emotional intelligence platform. Mygrow develops, measures and tracks EQ in just a few minutes a day through video-based learning, neuroscience techniques, psychometrics, personalised coaching and rich data. His research on EQ, organisational culture, neuroscience, leadership and behavioural change has made him a sought-after speaker on these topics. His methods and teachings are being used around the world and the technological approach of Mygrow is pioneering a new approach to people development and organisational well-being.