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Debut of the global Circle of Influence business debate


July 15, 2021
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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Dawid Brink

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Sheraz Rayban

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Steyn Heckroodt

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Join us for this impactful session valued at $150, exclusively available to subscribers of The Game Influencers, co-presented by @ProfSteynHeckroodt from @pclleadershiptraining and @DawidBrink for a practical reimagining of the current frameworks we deploy in our strategic planning and a ‘let’s take action’ kind of exploration of sensible new approaches and models we should and could consider, to achieve outcomes that are equally benefitting to our world, and to all those who are affected by our businesses. Most importantly, we conclude with where do we start, and how do we as leaders recalibrate ourselves to lead our businesses out of chaos.


  • Awaken to the eye-opening fact that much of what we experience today, is as a result of our actions and that for us as business leaders, these actions are defined in our strategies, which, to a large degree, have been guided by what we have been taught at business schools, globally, much of which may no longer be relevant in this new world. 
  • Face some very necessary realities, as we collectively explore some cold, hard facts, such as how the staggering human inequalities, exposed since the COVID-19 pandemic, is, in part, also an outcome of the economic systems that have evolved BECAUSE of these strategies employed by business leaders globally, primarily seeking profitability. 
  • Learn about a ground-breaking, well-researched new model that business can leverage to support current business improvement initiatives and that can help establishes business that are both good and resilient, by nature and design, which is quintessential in this intra-COVID-19 world, where the importance of humanness and kindness in business and to the environment, have been catapulted to the fore.
  • Understand the importance of ‘Leadership-resilience’, which is the first of the Six Business Principles of a Game Influencer© and why leaders need to recalibrate themselves first, before they can recalibrate their business strategies and lead their team out of chaos
  • Learn about a scientifically-backed model that has proven to enable leaders to gain self-awareness and get ‘unstuck’ so they can continue to lead their businesses out of chaos and into the new, supported by a practical case study 
  • Learn how you can embark on ‘The Game Influencer’ journey to become a business with heart, which will gain the affinity of your target audiences, and help you win at the game of business.


Business leader and human behavioural scientist, Sheraz Rayban has conducted 30+ years of research into education systems, neuro-science, and quantum field theory which led to his scientifically-backed POWAlife personal and enterprise re-engineering system, which has proven to be amongst other, invaluable in assisting business executives with solid self-knowledge regarding their intrinsic genius, and consciousness to lead themselves from a state of ‘stuckness,’ to becoming fully empowered to step into their higher potential. The transformational impact is immediate. Click here to read more about Sheraz.