Erna Penning and Mariette Barends


Behavioural scientists, human risk profilers, specialist analysts of psychometric tests, pre-employment screening information and polygraph examinations, co-founders of EmployInsight.

The work of Mariette Barends and Erna Penning, co-founders of EmployInsight resonate with us at The Game Influencers, as it is premised on a simple, yet powerful truth; that a good business image cannot be sustained, unless the business is good, inside out. And being good inside out, starts with unquestionable integrity, which can only materialise when you appoint leaders and people with unquestionable integrity, or what EmployInsight refers to as the ‘ethical factor©.’ The ethical factor© speaks to that innate, internal moral compass that will guide a person’s conduct and ensure that unquestionable integrity prevails, regardless of stressors and triggers, which is also proven to be the difference between productive and counterproductive behaviour, which can in turn, make or break business. EmployInsight specialises in assisting businesses to determine this ethical factor© and minimise business risk by helping to minimise the inherent human risk. To this end, they deploy a pioneering approach that fuses forward-thinking human behavioural and social science with psychometric testing and conventional pre-employment screening tools, to compile comprehensive human risk profiles. This in turn enables data-informed decisions about which services providers and partners to work with, who to employ, how to best leverage their strengths, and ultimately how to build ethical and resilient leaders and teams. Now made available to you via the Game Influencers Hall of Knowledge.


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