Steyn Heckroodt


Professor in strategy, Dean of Academic Affairs at Lincoln University, Harvard Business School Publishing moderator, HBR and Oxford University Press author; Co-Founder and Chief Thought Leader: Platform for Connected Leadership, Executive Director: StratisQ MENA, Leadership consultant and trainer; serial entrepreneur.

The epitome of a thought leader as defined by Oxford dictionary, in other words, someone with “intellectual influence and innovative or pioneering thinking”, Prof Heckroodt also captures the essence of the kind of influence that The Game Influencers wishes to awaken in our world. The kind that challenges the status quo and inspires business leaders to break the mould by leveraging their power and success in ways that proactively drive positive impact at every touchpoint and within their circle of influence. His unique career has placed him at the cutting edge of academic and business developments and global economic research insights, fused with unparalleled opportunities to apply this knowledge gained in practise for best-of-breed brands. As a result, he has developed an innate ability to basically ‘see into the business future’ and successfully help businesses step into this great unknown. And never has these deep insights of Prof Heckroodt been more relevant, than in this era where the only thing we can be certain of, is that nothing is certain. Business leaders now get to tap this brilliant mind via The Game Influencers Hall of Knowledge to rise into greatness, lead others into greatness, make empowered strategic decisions with a higher level of accountability, symbiotically blend people and technology and develop an innovative, disruptive culture to face the unusual new challenges of the 21st century and beyond.


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