Our Purpose

We raise our hands to help create a better world, by helping to create better businesses.


Our higher purpose transpires where the wisdom of ancient philosophers like Aristotle and the teachings of contemporary psychologists like Maslow collides…

In the realisation that the pinnacle of happiness can be achieved when we become the best versions of ourselves AND serve the highest human good. To this end, we pledge to continuously grow ourselves and leverage the influence we gain as a result, to help create a better world, by helping to create better business.

Our Values

Our unique fingerprints which we strive to leave behind on everyone and everything we touch.

At The Game Influencers, we firmly believe that to be truly real and authentic, we cannot be different people in person, from who we are in our profession. 

Our values capture our highest intent and the ethos we strive to infuse in every scenario and every engagement that we form part of. These are the lyrics to our song, which we sincerely hope will eventually echo in the hearts of all those who heard it, and felt it. A tall order we know, and one that will admittedly remain an ever work-in-progress.


Always remaining consistent in doing what is right, taking the higher ground in any scenario and inflicting zero harm, for as far as is humanly reasonable and possible, regardless of what occurs around us.


To use our talents to grow others, helping to mould a better world and contributing to a greater collective consciousness that serves humanity today and tomorrow, in line with our higher purpose.


Mentoring and setting the kind of example that will help unleash greater potential and inspire positive changes in behaviour in our circle of influence.


To have engagements and conversations that leaves all involved more enriched, enlightened or inspired, in some way.


To achieve excellence, we must be the best version of ourselves, inside out, and at every single touch point, personally and professionally, so we can inspire others to do the same.


Being fully present and open to each moment, appreciating every little miracle of life, practising gratitude daily, and seizing every chance to just be happy and make others happy; nothing more, nothing less.


Ever growing, changing, adapting and improving, (embracing abundance in all aspects of our lives) and seeking guidance to successfully rise into each new phase of life, whilst lifting others up along the way.

This is not a philosophy, but a fact, that has been proven over and over again, by an emerging body of evidence worldwide, that those who do good, do good. Which leads into our mantra: If you leverage your influence to win hearts, you win at the game of business. – The Game Influencers


"Bytes of Wisdom"